Sandwiches That You Will Like

Sandwiches That You Will Like



It’s America between two slices of bread! It’s a fast-cut, slightly goofy celebration of some great sandwiches at some very interesting places from Pennsylvania to California. Have a pastrami in New York City. Sample a Maid Rite “loosemeat” in Iowa, a St. Paul sandwich in St. Louis, and a chipped ham “Slammer” in Pittsburgh. How about barbecued brisket in Texas? Or Italian beef in Chicago? Try a muffuletta and several shrimp and oyster po-boys in New Orleans. And see why folks in Buffalo go for a beef-on-weck while people in Louisville love a Hot Brown.

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Length: 91 Minutes
File Size: 1.3 GB
Resolution: 942×720 (4:3 Aspect Ratio)