Best of Season 1

Best of ‘It’s Pittsburgh And A Lot Of Other Stuff’ – Season 1



Includes the full “Dirty Dozen” program!

It’s true. Pittsburgh is seldom the city you expect. And in the first season of IT’S PITTSBURGH & A LOT OF OTHER STUFF, producers Rick Sebak and his collaborators celebrated some surprising people, places and donuts in the Pittsburgh area. So we’ve gathered some of the program’s best stories to help answer unexpected questions: Can you ride your bike up the most treacherous streets in Pittsburgh? How early do you have to get up to get donuts at the little shop on Steuben Street? Do you leave your holiday lights up all year? Ever seen the statues beside the parking garage on the Boulevard of the Allies? Do you have to yell “Surprise!” at a surprise birthday party? What’s a Bevador? Will a new glass help keep a martini cold? Should we put newspapers in time capsules? And who goes to the Strip on the Saturday before Christmas? You’ll find out here.

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